Teenagers come with a host of new parenting challenges. Of these, one of the most frightening to contemplate is that brand-new drivers’ license. As a parent, you’re right to feel a little bit nervous. Teenage drivers are the age group most likely to become involved in car accidents. That high risk factor is exactly why it’s so important to choose the right car insurance program for your teen.

Allstate understands that teenagers have unique car insurance needs. That’s why the Allstate Teen Driver Program has a dedicated website that encourages teens to sign a safe driving pledge, witnessed by their parents. This not only encourages teens to stay safe, but opens the door for much-needed dialog about driving within your family. Interactive driving games and online quizzes provide a safe and fun way for teens to learn the rules of the road, while at the same time providing winning incentives like music downloads and gift cards. Allstate also champions the “X the TXT” program, which is focused on eliminating texting while driving among teens.

Allstate’s teen driving site also offers access to additional online resources for teens. This includes links to each state’s Graduated Driver Licensing laws, a program designed to help transition young drivers into gaining more behind-the-wheel experience under controlled conditions. There are also links to sites like KeeptheDrive.com, a teen-powered organization that provides further information for keeping teen drivers educated and safe.

In an effort to provide resources for entire communities, the Allstate Foundation funds grants to increase safe driving habits among teens with their Teen Safe Driving Program. This encourages teens to motivate each other in practicing safe driving habits, as well as educating them on being safer passengers when riding with their peers. The goal of the program is to reduce teen-related car crashes, the number one killer of teens today.

Allstate fosters responsibility in other arenas as well, by extending discounts for good students. Teens can be eligible for other discounts too, such as driving vehicles with added safety features like airbags and automatic seatbelts.

Teenagers are all about expressing their independence. Allstate encourages that energy by empowering them to take control of their own driving experiences and move them into a place where they can be a positive part of the solution, instead of viewed as just another problem.