With the Occupy Wall Street movement hanging tough and fighting for what they believe in, the 99% as they call it, the news coverage on their protests seems to have diminished. Perhaps the majority of the 99% is getting tired of hearing about the sit-ins that really don’t seem to be accomplishing much. The 1% obviously never took much interest in their activities. One thing the 99% seems to be doing though is stimulating the economy with a few of their own small business ventures and purchases. Who knows, maybe they’ll even venture out in some glossy brochure printing efforts, webstores, and kiosks in shopping malls.

They’re already selling t-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons to passersby. Typical trade show type swag indeed, but it keeps them occupied and they are earning a little money. Perhaps the money is going to support their overall cause, or perhaps the money the individuals earn is going directly into their own bank accounts. Either way it’s doubtful they’ll get into the 1% selling their 99% branded items.