Review: Managerial Economics

February 23rd, 2019 Filed under: Managerial Economics and Business Strategy — Economic Author

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The goal of Thomas and Maurices Managerial Economics has always been, and continues to be, to teach students the economic way of thinking about business decision and strategy. This edition continues to develop critical thinking skills and provides students with a logical way of analyzing both the routine decisions of managing the daily operations of a business as well as the longer-run strategic plans that seek to manipulate the actions and reactions of rival firms.

Managerial Economics has always been a self-contained textbook that requires no previous training in economics. While maintaining a rigorous style, this book is designed to be one of the most accessible books in managerial economics from which to teach and learn because of its clarity of presentation and strong end of chapter problems. Rather than parading students quickly through every interesting or new topic in microeconomics and industrial organization, this 10th edition instead carefully develops and applies the most useful concepts for business decision making and strategic planning.


Dealing with Amazon is GREAT! The BOOK in and of itself is horrible! The author speaks in circles and jumps topics.To give you an idea of how unorganized he is… Chapter 9 will tell you to go back to chapter 3 to review a graph for the topic in 9. Why the publisher could not just take the 2 inches of space and drop the graph into 9 is beyond me. If you have a choice to choose a book for Micro Economics for your MBA. VOTE AGAINST THIS ONE! IT IS THE MOST DRY AND ANNOYING BOOK I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF ” HAVING ” TO READ! I think I might burn it when the class is over!

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